Coat of Arms

This is my coat of arms for Shift. From left to write the skull symbols the death of Oona and Katie. The drawing on the top right is of when Lachlan helps Olive get into the water. The bottom left is and Olive branch because Olive’s name is Olive. The bottom right picture is of Miranda shifting to look like Olive.


End Of The Book Reflection

Where to begin! This book (Shift) has been a roller coaster ride. It started of quite dull. The characters hadn’t expanded, the story line was still building and overall it was a bit slow. However in the middle things really sped up. The characters personality’s grew and as I got to know them better I began to relate to them. The aspect of the book I found most interesting was Olive and Miranda’s relationship. I think what hooked me most was when Olive went from hating Miranda to becoming one of her best friends. Another relationship I really liked was Lachlan and Olives. I think it made a better story how it took a long time for them to get together but when they did it was very sweet. My overall favourite part of the book was when Olive and Miranda wagged school to go shopping. In this chapter we get to see a side to Miranda we haven’t seen yet. I think in this bit she becomes less guarded and she seems like a genuine friend. For the first time we get to see a different side to Miranda. However things between her and Olive do become less friendly and more manipulative. I think the end of the book was a real let down. There was so much opportunity for a bang ending with a massive twist. However the author just stuck to the basics and ended it exactly the way readers expected. I think that on a whole the book is in the medium section because there was some interesting parts but I think that in future lit circles there would be better reading Options.

Chapters 15 – 20 Reflection

15 – 20 – These chapters of the book were extremely interesting! I loved how Miranda and Olive started becoming friends it was a nice twist to the story. The start of chapter 15 was quite intense – quote “Katie Clarke had died of heart failure.” At first Olive was extremely mad and afraid of Miranda however Miranda eventually enticed her into coming to a luxe concert. There Olive began to reconcile with Lachlan which I was happy about. After this Miranda and Olive quickly became friends. There trip into the city was an interesting read. They kept hinting that there was something strange with Miranda like when that guy was convinced the paintings he was painting were her and how she seemed to have everyone wrapped around her finger and could make them believe anything. I think that these strange happenings indicate that there is something abnormal about her and perhaps it is the shape shifter thing but I also think that she probably can’t help it. I also think that Olive is starting to become her next victim. All in all I cant wait to finish the book and find out what happens!

Discusion Director Questions

Discussion Director –

What do you think about Olive and Miranda’s new found friendship? why?
How do you see the end of the book wrapping up?
What was your favourite part of this weeks section of the book?
What do you think about Lachlan and Olive?
How do you think Miranda knows all the things she does?

Chapters 7 – 15 Reflection

7 – 15 –  I think these chapters of the book were really good! Things really heated up since the last ones. In the first part of the book things were pretty boring but they definitely got a heap better. The characters have grown since the first part. As there personality’s become more elaborate so does the story. In the first part of the book I assumed that Amy was in fact a figment of Olives imagination. In chapters 7 – 15 my theory was confirmed. The bit when Katie and Miranda had there massive fight had me hooked! I couldn’t stop reading. I was really shocked when we heard that Katie had died and I strongly suspect Miranda of killing her.  I think that the fact that Katie died gave the story more depth and intrigue. Sure it was sad but I think it needed to happen. The thing I found most interesting was that before Katie died her and Olive got closer and started to figure out some things between them. It was really sad how Lachlan and Olive got in a fight. They are really good together and I think in the end they will figure it out. I’m really interested to find out what happened to Olives dad and what happened between them. The whole time the author had been hinting at things that happened but she hasn’t given us a definite answer. I’m also looking forward to seeing what happens to Miranda as she’s such an interesting character and I think that in the next chapters she’ll become even more intriguing.

All in all I’m really looking forward to reading on.

Chapters 1-7 Reflection

These first few chapters didn’t really grip me that much. There were times when I got a little hooked but I haven’t really gotten very interested in it. I thought the first few sentences of the book

(“There were two things everyone knew about Miranda Vaile before she’d even started at our school. The first was that she had no parents – they were dead. And the second was that they were dead because Miranda had killed them”) were really good. It got the reader gripped on the very first page however as you progress further in some of the interest starts to dwindle out.

I think Olive is an interesting character. The way she and other characters keep referring to her past is really gripping. It makes me itch to finish the book so I can find out what happened. I like the way she is so caring of her brother but I don’t like the way she treats Lachlan. I think it is quite obvious that he is not one of Katie’s clones and that he really does like her and I wish she would realise that. Something that happened in her past must have made her be so untrustworthy of Katie and I’m very interested to find out about it.

Katie is also a great character. Even though she seems like the meanest of mean girls I think that deep down she is sad that her and Olive aren’t friends anymore. Although she is mean to Olive you can really see that they were once very close and I can’t wait to find out why they stopped being friends.

Ami is a strange character. After listening to some of my friends thoughts on her I agree with them that she is not intact real but a figment of Olives imagination. The way no one seems to acknowledge her leads me to believe that she is not a real person. This also becomes more evident when Olive describes her mums reaction when she talks about her “friend.”

Lachlan is one of my favourite characters in the book. He seems like a genuinely nice person and I like how that even though Olive is a bit strange and unfriendly to him he still seems to like her and want to spend time with her. Its also nice how that even though Katie and her band of minions are very glamorous he still prefers Olives company.

Miranda is by far my favourite character. She makes up most of the interesting scenes in the book and I really love how she seems to have a great interest in Olive. I can’t wait to see what happens between them. I feel like they might become friends in the end although I’m not sure. I can’t wait to see what happens as I progress through the book. I think that Miranda might teach Katie a well deserved lesson. I’m also interested to find out what happened between Miranda and there teacher.

This book although it has been a little dull at the start I can tell that it will soon get more interesting and twisted I really look forward to see what happens next.

Till next time,

Harriet XOXO